Continuing a Tradition Of Excellence

Chris Jones, President

Chris currently attends Wynnbrook Baptist Church and serves in various capacities there. He also serves on the board of Project 70. Chris has been married to the love of his life, Laura, since 1999. They have two beautiful children and have long been entrenched in the local community.

Our History

  • 1977

    Randy Jones served in many capacities including COO for Flournoy Development Company. In 2001 Randy purchased Flournoy Homes and named it Jones & Minear Homebuilders, LLC.

  • 1999

    Chris Jones started working for Flournoy Development as a project manager after attending Auburn University and graduating from Columbus State University.

  • 2002

    Chris and Randy began working together again when Chris started working as a builder for the Jones & Minear Atlanta division.

  • 2003

    Chris started the Columbus division of Jones & Minear.

  • 2011

    CPJ Custom Homes was born. Chris took all the experience he gleaned from his dad, Randy, and created a business that puts the customers first while delivering unmatched custom homes.

Meet our awesome team

CPJ Custom Homes is devoted to leading the market by creating an unmatched home and a first class experience for the client. Recognizing that home is, almost always, the largest financial investment a family makes, the staff at CPJ Custom Homes thoughtfully assists with each step of the homebuilding process. Their designers work to craft the perfect home plan and their decorators help you choose the finishes that perfectly suit your family’s needs, personal style and budget. Once construction begins, a superintendant will be on site daily until the end of the job and will always be available to offer continued service after closing.


Chris Jones



Randy Jones



Pat Jones



Austin Carden

Construction Manager


Cortney Crowe

Administrative Assistant